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Our Work

Corporate Films

Top Secret Comedy Club

Promotional video for Covent Garden’s Top Secret Comedy Club. Enjoy riotous comedians in the buzzing, exciting atmosphere of this intimate and renowned comedy club…

LABFFF Trailer

A trailer for the Let’s All Be Free Film Festival 2015 held in Motel Studios, London. The festival explores what being free means to you…

Let’s All Be Free North Carolina

What does ‘being free’ mean to these folks in North Carolina? Both on a personal level, and within the context of being an American citizen. Is the American Dream still a reality?

Our Films

belonging extra

Belonging (2006)

The documentary tells the story of what occurs when ordinary people get caught up in the extraordinary circumstances of war and the vain search for peace…

room service extra

Room Service (2011)

This unlikely, uncomfortable and erotic encounter is the narrative of Room Service. The sexual transaction does not unfold as these things normally do…

welcome extra

Welcome (2013)

It’s been said a woman lives in the building. There, among the ghosts. Welcome takes a ghost hunter to a place he never expected to go…

the code extra

The Code (2013)

An invitation inside. A prick. A syringe. Sex. There’s grave danger, she says. “I’m not getting involved in this,” Derek asserts. “Yes, you are,” Patricia tells him. “You have no idea how involved…”

consumed extra

Consumed (2013)

In the English countryside, in an inn that stands alone at the outer edge of a near-forgotten forest, and the end of a long, gravelly road – it’s clear something isn’t quite right…

In Production

from here extra

From Here

From Here is the latest short film from Unusuality Productions – an experiemental dance film exploring the occupation of indigenous people and their land…

palestine lost extra

Palestine Lost

Set in the divided West Bank and London, this documentary illuminates the daily struggle of Palestinians living under occupation, and of refugees longing to return home…