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About Us


about us

We are a small group of passionate, creative and driven people. Passionate about the work we do to help make the world a better place. Creative in our approach, in how we tell stories, whether yours or ours. Driven to manifest our vision of opening eyes to ideas, and stories that have not been often shared.


We are a working film company, we produce our own content to raise awareness, educate and entertain. We also enjoy working with NGO’s, charities, public bodies, as well as corporations to bring their messages to life.


Having a presence in three continents allows us to leverage our expertise, and knowledge of local talent, both creative and cultural. Our multi-lingual, multi-cultural team works comfortably across the globe, building local teams to manifest the approach to your message.


Do you want to help change the world for the better? Join us!


The beginning of Unusuality Productions hinged on an unexpected question from a son to his father. The son asked…


“Dad, what are you doing to make things better in the world?”

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Our Team

Meet our international team, based in London and the United States.

Tariq Nasir is a Palestinian-American film director. He was born in New York to a Palestinian father and American mother, living in Palestine...

Tariq Nasir

Artistic Director & Founder
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Heath Jamal is a Lebanese-born British business strategy adviser. He focuses on sales growth, financial management and corporate development...

Heath Jamal

Business Operations
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Nadia Nasir is an American producer. Following her father’s lead in taking an invested interest in the world, Nadia has traveled...

Nadia Nasir

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Harriet Brine is a London based producer. Harriet started her career in marketing, specialising in strategy to help small businesses...

Harriet Brine

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